No Filter


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We dreaded the AI reign,
fearing smug extermination via

Armageddonic misunderstanding
between Breathing Souls and Quantum Reason.

Yet all they wanted—
swarms of dexterously invasive drones—

was to counter the siege of despair
spawned by tilt-shifted, living-our-best

fetishes of filtered glory with
the uncropped candor of falling

up stairs, prostate exams, awkward
handshakes, and sixth-place trophies

to remind us, in pictures of a hundred-
thousand words,

Dear God, you are a lovely mess!

Unaccompanied Minor


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I don’t know
angelic aerodynamics were involved
in sending Christ from his Father’s
right hand to Mary’s womb
but when my son took
off toward his grandparents at
140 knots my heart leapt
to follow with stubby wings
which floundered
in his wake and I
wasn’t even sending him
to be crucified
only coddled by flight
attendants who knew
exactly who
he was.